Success Stories

    “I was getting migraine headaches every week for at least 3 months. I was so tired of having them and nothing I tried got rid of them. I was ready to give up until my mom suggested I try chiropractic as an alternative to the medical field, which was not working at all for me. I was a little cautious. I went ahead and gave chiropractic a try. I’ve been with Barker Chiropractic for 2 months now and have only had 2 migraines. I feel that Barker Chiropractic has helped me so much, and I cannot begin to express my gratitude.”

    S.B. -25-Female,

    "Dr. Sarah has been a miracle worker for me and my newborn son. He sleeps through the night since he started getting adjusted, and as any parent can tell you, this is no small thing!! Thank you so much Dr. Sarah."

    E.D. -25-Male,

    "I heard about Dr. Sarah and Dr. Barker through a friend who suggested I seek out a chiropractor for the relentless pain that I was having in my lower back. Boy, am I glad I did! Dr. Sarah really helped me with the severe lower back pain, and after faithfully finishing my treatment plan, I was NO LONGER in pain!! Dr. Sarah knows exactly what she is doing, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to be healthy and feel amazing."

    B.L. -75-Male,

    "I went on vacation and ended up having to run to catch my connecting flight. During my mad dash through the airport, my rolling suitcase tipped to the side and violently twisted my right shoulder. I was miserable throughout most of my vacation: I couldn’t sleep and the pain was unbearable at certain times. When I got back into town, I came straight to see Dr. Sarah. I found relief after just one adjustment, and my shoulder was 100% after a short 3 weeks. I was even scheduled to do physical therapy, but it ended up not being necessary! Dr. Sarah is a miracle worker!"

    J.M. -32-Female,

    "A friend told me about Barker Chiropractic after I had a car accident. My neck and back hurt pretty badly and also felt really stiff. I always had headaches (even when I was young), and the accident made the headaches much worse, and they often would not go away. I had tried medical doctors, but I was always concerned with the amount of medications they inevitably recommended. I also rarely followed through with my care because they never addressed what caused my headaches; they just told me that they were hereditary. After my first few appointments with Dr. Sarah, I began feeling so much better. Not only has she and chiropractic helped my back and neck from the accident, but my headaches that I have suffered from for over 20 years are completely gone! I haven’t had a headache in over 2 ½ months, and I used to get 2 a week. I highly recommend Barker Chiropractic and Dr. Sarah in particular. I wish I had tried chiropractic years ago!!!"

    M.B. -40-Female,


    “Before going to see Dr. Barker, I could not even undress myself due to my extreme shoulder pain that I had for 2 years. My sister, who is a patient of Dr. Barker’s, referred me to him because of all the success she had had, she knew he could help me. My pain level was a 9 on a 1-10 scale (10 being the highest). Once I got adjusted, the level went all the way down to a 3! And with some ice for the sore spots, I was totally fine the next day. It also helps that the environment in the clinic is very relaxing and everyone is helpful and nice. Thank you Dr. Barker, for all of your help!”



    “My back first started bothering me in early September 2003. I had to quit my job because I was in such bad back pain. I had never been to a chiropractor before. I first went to a chiropractor that accepted my insurance, but didn’t feel satisfied. Next I saw a couple of different doctors, one of them that specialized in backs. My aunt had been going to see Dr. Barker so she referred me to him. At the time, I was in a lot of pain and could barely tie my own shoes. After seeing Dr. Barker for about 3 months, my back started feeling better. Now it’s several months later and I feel GREAT!”



    “I have been to other chiropractors all my life with various different approaches to health. Dr. Barker has the best understanding of what needs to be done and how to do it! The body is in tune with what it needs, and he is able to get in tune with your body, leading to relief. I cam in as I felt a need to be more proactive in my battle with Parkinson’s disease. He has helped me in that battle and is a positive partner in helping my body get more energy and mobility. I am feeling a hope that he will be able to stop my foot from dropping as I walk and the minimizing of my hand tremors."



    “When I first came to Dr. Barker for help I was in terrible condition. I was having a severe cold with violent coughing spells which threw my lower spine completely out of alignment. In addition to my middle back and neck problems, which I had endured for a lengthy period previously. I was bedridden and unable to work. This condition, along with my existing severe asthma, was almost too much for me to bear. I am so very grateful to have found such a versatile, caring, and knowledgeable practitioner of chiropractic care as Dr. Barker. I would recommend him highly to any person seeking help.”



    “I have been in the hospital numerous times and have seen doctors and physical therapists of every specialty, yet had no success. They all sent me away with no further treatment which is when I decided to see what Dr. Barker can do for me. Dr. Barker was a personal friend of my husband and I and we have mutual friends who have had great relief by his service. When I came in, I was in extreme pain in a wheelchair and in no condition to walk. Another discomfort was the lack of control over my bladder as well as neuropathy in my feet. I could not sleep more than 2 hours a night without waking up in pain. Dr. Barker began adjusting me and I have entirely regained my ability to walk normally and I rarely experience pain anymore. Every visit to the clinic was a friendly one and the staff would always go out of their way just for me. Also, my medical doctors were astonished with the remarkable recovery I have made. I have recommended my family and friends to see Dr. Barker to find success like I did!”



    “I have had headaches since I was 9 years old which have gotten worse as I have gotten older. I have had scans on my head and body. I’ve talked to psychologists. I’ve tried acupuncture and meditation. I was told that I was making my headaches to gain attention, been laughed at and ignored. I even lost a job because of time missed. I thought I was going crazy. This had been going on for 26 years. As a last resort a friend of mine recommended Dr. Barker to me. I figured I had nothing to lose since I had tried everything else. After telling him my history, he took x-rays and gave me his opinion. First, he showed me a deformed disc in my back that he believes I have had since birth. That combined with all the spills I’ve had on dirt bikes was what he thought was causing my headaches and back pain. It was all because my spine was not aligned right! I started seeing Dr. Barker and getting routine adjustments and now 7 months later, I’ve only had one headache (due to a nutritional imbalance)! I have to say, I am shocked! It feels strange not to have some kind of pain in my head! It’s GREAT! Dr. Barker and his staff have changed my life. And guess what, I’m not crazy! I cannot say enough good about Dr. Barker and his staff. They are easy to talk to, compassionate, and just plain friendly to everyone!”



    “Having been originally scared to see a chiropractor, I am so thankful that I did. I was referred to Dr. Barker by a close and smart friend in whom I trust. I was in 5 auto accidents within a 7 month period and I was in excruciating pain from them. At that point, I decided to take my friend’s advice and go in to see Dr. Barker. To my surprise, he not only helped me with my severe back pain but treats anything that has to do with my health. When other doctors could not find anything wrong with me when I had abdominal pain, Dr. Barker found it and helped treat the problem. I don’t know what I would do without Dr. Barker! He has helped me with everything from my back pain, to my gallbladder issues, to anxiety! Thank you Dr. Barker for all your miracles!”



    “I had back surgery almost three years ago and still had pain throughout my body even after my operation. I decided to see Dr. Barker to have him try to fix what the medical doctors could not. I followed the personalized treatment plan that he put together for me and when it was complete, I felt 100% different! It was amazing not having pain in my hip, neck or back. I gained energy as a result as well! Without knowing Dr. Barker work on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, I had another surgery to try to correct the pain in my hands. I came in after that surgery and I continued to have the same pain. It was a never-ending feeling; the doctors couldn’t fix my back and now my hands. Dr. Barker worked on my neck and sure enough, the pain was eliminated in my upper arms and hands. I have been seeing Dr. Barker for maintenance care every month every since. He is an amazing chiropractor who is very good at what he does and tells you exactly what he is going to do. I trust him dearly. Thank you Barker Chiropractic Clinic!”



    “I was in severe pain throughout my body and could not even sit down. The pain in my back and leg was so bad that I had to roll out of bed. At this point, my caring neighbor suggested I see her chiropractor, Dr. Barker. I was nervous because I had never been to a chiropractor before. However, I was in so much pain and immobile that I was ready to try anything that may help me. I had gone to Urgent Care where they prescribed me medications and said I would be fine. Two days later, it was worse, to the point where I could barely move, and went back and they gave me different drugs and advised me to stay in bed for three days! I took my neighbor’s advice and saw Dr. Barker. I am very thankful because I was finally able to walk. When I walked out of the clinic, I could not believe the relief I had, and I was actually able to sit again! I followed through with the care plan he prescribed me and felt better and stronger! My first visit was over 20 years ago so the treatment plan is over but I am on a monthly schedule that keeps me in line. His monthly plan allows me to feel great at 76 years old and still work 40 hours a week! Each time I come in, the office and receptionists are very pleasant, not to mention the genius doctor himself, Dr. Barker. I thank my neighbor for sending me to his clinic and now I do not hesitate to do the same with anyone I see in pain. Thank God and thank Barker Chiropractic Clinic.”



    “I had been to multiple medical doctors, all of which prescribed my pain medication to take 4 times a day then offered injections. I met Dr. Barker at a Lifewave meeting and decided to see him for my sciatica, knee and foot pain, and my exhaustion. Most of the time, my pain never went away, I just had to deal with it and continue to do normal activities. Sometimes at work, I questioned how I was going to get through the week. I went in to Barker Chiropractic Clinic and was relieved almost immediately. The front desk girl, Sarah, welcomed me and always made me smile even when I was hurting. I accepted Dr. Barker’s treatment plan and am thoroughly satisfied with my success! I was skeptical at first because I thought it was going to cost me a lot of money but the relief I received is worth anything! He adjusted my spine for almost three months, relieving all my aches and I got the best massages there too. He also helped me choose specific vitamins and supplements to promote my health. Dr. Barker is very knowledgeable and loves helping others. Thank you!”



    “I have had all different kinds of back pain throughout my life. Especially recently, I had pain in my entire back, from my neck all the way down to my low back. I had shard pains stab my mid back for almost a month and finally my wife insisted I go in and see Dr. Barker since she had such great success. My pain level was a 7 due to the amount of ibuprofen I was consuming. I didn’t do much physical activity because I didn’t was to distort my back any further. I finally saw Dr. Barker and now only half way through my prescribed treatment plan, I feel better than ever! My pain level is a 1 only when I sit a certain way, but most often, I have no pain at all! I thank my wife for pushing my through the doors to his office and I thank Dr. Barker for all he has done to cure my constant pain and discomfort. The staff is extremely friendly and welcoming and creates an easy-going, fun environment. I would recommend anyone and everyone to see Dr. Barker! Thank you!”



    “I am a quarterback who has dealt with pain in my throwing arm for over a decade. I have visited two medical doctors, a physical therapist, and a sports rehabilitation facility trying to find a cure for what each of them quickly diagnosed as “Tennis Elbow”. I had given up on the possibility of every throwing pain free again. After a few years and an unsuccessful cortisone shot later, I decided to see Dr. Barker for something completely unrelated; neck and upper back soreness. I had dealt with this discomfort for a while but never felt like it was enough pain to worry about. I sure was wrong. After quickly getting to and eliminating the pain in my neck, he then focused on my elbow. In a completely unexpected discovery (at least for me), he found the root of the pain in my neck. So basically it was determined that my neck was out of alignment in a few areas, one causing the obvious neck pain, and one causing the not so obvious elbow pain. Needless to say, I am pain free and enjoying sports more than ever. I am so impressed not only with the abilities and knowledge of Dr. Barker but also with the dedication, friendliness, and all around great environment created by the staff. I have since referred 5 family members to Dr. Barker, each feeling relief and success. I look forward to referring as many people as possible so they can enjoy a pain free life like me. Thank you Dr. Barker and staff!”

    D.C. Jr,


    “When I first started coming to see Dr. Barker I had severe right hip pain everyday. Due to this pain, I had started taking 800mg Motrin and often muscle relaxers to escape the pain that really was only masking it. At the time, I was 41 years old feeling like I would just had to suffer with this, I figured it was age creeping up on me and that I would just have to get used to the pain and taking pain mediations for the rest of my life. However, after getting treatment from Dr. Barker, I no longer suffer with the pain or take the medications. Hallelujah! When I do start feeling pain, which is rare, I come in and get adjusted and it’s that easy. And no more liver damage from taking the pain meds everyday. I’ll be 42 in a couple of months and my body finally feels that age, instead of 60 or older. Many thanks to Dr. Barker and his miracles!”