Dr. David K. Barker, D.C.

In loving memory of our founder Dr. David K. Barker
Dr. Barker

Dr. David K. Barker, D.C. graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1975 and is licensed in the states of California and Arizona. He has completed post-graduate studies with Dr. Russell Earhart in pathology and radiology, spinal column stressology under Dr. Lowal E. Ward, and Contact Reflex Analysis (muscle testing kinesiology) under Dr. D.A. Versendal.

Dr. Barker brought high quality, professional chiropractic care to East County San Diego in 1976. Besides his clinic in Santee, he was with Dr. E.V. Jesperson in El Cajon for 2 years. Dr. Barker also had a clinic in La Mesa from 1977 to 1987 with his brother Dr. Dennis W. Barker and, now, his Santee clinic since 1981.

Over all the years, Dr. David K. Barker has developed a technique that is very gentle yet extremely effective.